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3T S-Bend Extensions Pro
3T's S-Bend Aero Extensions are made of durable, stiff aluminum and feature ergonomic bends to keep your wrists comfortable during your time against the clock. - Standard 22.2-mm diameter - 305mm maximum extension from center line of bar clamp
49°N Traditional Saddle Clamp
A traditional saddle clamp for use with vintage, older and inexpensive seatposts without an integrated clamp. - For use only with plain/pin-style seatposts that require a separate saddle clamping mechanism at the top - One bolt tightens the clamp to the rest of the seatpost and to the saddle rails at the same time. - 22.2mm / 7/8 fit with angle adjustment via serrated washers - Steel construction with ED black finish
49°N Alloy Seat Clamp
$9.49 - $10.99
Forged Alloy seat-clamp.
49°N QR Seat Binder
Lightweight alloy lever. - Strong Cro-mo axle
49°N Alloy QR Seat Clamp
Forged Alloy seat-clamp with QR lever.
49°N Bike Streamers
Fun handlebar-mount streamers. - Quick and easy installation
49°N Seat Clamp For Carbon Seatposts
Forged Alloy seat-clamp. - Offset cut is safer to use with carbon posts
49°N Quill to Threadless Stem Converter
$15.99 - $18.98
Alloy shaft converts threaded forks to work with clamp on threadless Ahead-type stems. - Fits all models of threadless stems with 1-1/8 steerer clamp
Aenomaly Constructs SwitchGrade - Blackout
-3 ergonomic positions optimized for climbing, descending, and undulating terrain: -10 degree forward, 0-degree mid setting, 12 degrees rear position. -Haptic feedback provides positive engagement for fast no-look changes on the fly, no tools. -> 1-degree change in effective seat angle. -20mm adjustable effective reach. -Machined from 7075 T6 and 6061 T6 aluminum. -Dimensions: 10cm (L) x 5.5cm (W) x 4cm (H). -Weight: 170g (actual net change approx. 100-120 grams because SwitchGrade replaces stock rail clamps which average 60-70 grams). -Compatible with a wide range of market-leading seatposts and saddles (saddles must have 7mm rails). See Compatibility Guide. -Designed and tested on the North Shore. Made in Whistler, BC, Canada. -Patent Pending. FITMENT: Type 1 (OneUp V2, PNW, TranzX, Fox Transfer 2019+, More...) Type 2 (Reverb, E.13 Vario, KS Lev, X-Fusion Manic, More...) Visit Aenomaly Construct Website for more Fitment Details
Apidura Dropper Post Collar/Adapter (for Backcountry Saddle Packs)
This custom-made Dropper Post Adapter allows Backcountry Saddle Packs to be used on mountain bike dropper seatposts. The adapter is designed to hold the pack securely, while also limiting travel to avoid damage to either the post or the bag. Comes with a choice of shims for dropper posts with 30.9mm, 31.6mm and 34.9mm lower diameters and is easily fitted using a 3mm hex wrench. The broad, flat rear section and ridged strap retainer improve stability over rough terrain and the adapter is also compatible with any bag that uses a 25mm seat post strap (or smaller). - Designed to work with MTB dropper posts with a 25mm or 26mm upper section diameter - Injection moulded glass-reinforced nylon for durability - Silicone shim for a secure fit - 4.5 x 4.8 x 3.5cm - 53g
Avid Overcoat Noodle
- Noodle/Boot completely seal brake cable, upgrades most linear brakes
Avid IS Disc Brake Adaptor
- Includes stainless bolts - Fits 160mm front and 140mm rear rotors
Avid Post Bracket Disc Brake Adaptor
Avid, Post Bracket, Includes Stainless Caliper Mounting Bolts (CPS and Standard)
Avid Post Bracket
Avid, Post Bracket, Includes Stainless Caliper Mounting Bolts (CPS and Standard)
Avid Post-Mount Disc Brake Adaptor
- Includes stainless steel bolts - 40mm fits 200mm Front and 180mm Rear Rotors
Bike Yoke Revive/Divine Cable Clamp
Fits: REVIVE/REVIVE 2.0, REVIVE MAX, and DIVINE Includes: - x1, Cable clamp body (# 52) - x1, M4 Set screw (# 7)
Bike Yoke Revive Internal Travel Adjust Spacers
5mm Spacers for internal travel adjust of REVIVE and REVIVE MAX dropper posts
Bike Yoke Revive MAX Dropper Foam Ring Kit (fits 34.9mm)
Replacement foam rings and bottom out bumper for your REVIVE MAX dropper post. The foam ring in the lower tube of your BikeYoke dropper post is a crucial component that prevents water and dirt from entering your post too easily. Keep it dry and clean at all times so your post can breathe and replace if needed. Kit includes: - 2x foam ring - 1x bottom out bumper
Bike Yoke Revive/Divine/SL Dropper Foam Ring Kit (fits 30.9/31.6mm)
Replacement foam rings and bottom out bumper for your BikeYoke dropper post. The foam ring in the lower tube of your BikeYoke dropper post is a crucial component that prevents water and dirt from entering your post too easily. Keep it dry and clean at all times so your post can breathe and replace if needed. Kit includes: - 2x foam ring - 1x bottom out bumper Fits: - REVIVE (not REVIVE MAX) - DIVINE - DIVINE SL - DIVINE SL Rascal
Bike Yoke Bike Yoke Splits Clamp Handlebar Remote Adaptor
Our clever Splits clamp attaches our Triggy directly to the handlebar. Special plastic compounds and production process allow flexibility within the clamp to have it installed, while grips and brakes are still on the bars. Just snap it on! A heat treated inlay made of stainless steel with a laser engraved finish, give it a unique and classy look. By the way: SRAM shifter triggers can also also be attached to the handlebars using our Splits clamp.
Bike Yoke Valve Adaptor
Valve-extension-adapter. Allows easier access to your dropper valve for shock-pumps with short valve heads.
Bike Yoke Saddle Clamp Bolt/Nut Kit
Kit includes: - x2, Bolts (M5) with conical washers (T25 head) - x2, Barrel nuts Compatible with: - REVIVE / REVIVE 2.0 - REVIVE MAX - DIVINE - DIVINE SL - DIVINE SL RASCAL
Bike Yoke Dropper Goo
Multi-purpose suspension grease. Special additives help prevent corrosion and seizure and keep wipers and seals smooth when using it for routine services on your BikeYoke dropper post. - Suitable for all BikeYoke dropper posts - Size: 30ml (lasts for 5+ full services)
Bike Yoke Sanguine Hydraulic Oil
BikeYoke Sanguine is designed specifically for the use in BikeYoke seat posts. The formula reduces friction, ensuring fast action with minimal drag even in low winter temperatures below 0°C. Special additives help keep your post's o-rings and seals smooth and reduce wear. - Suitable for all BikeYoke dropper posts - Size: 250ml (lasts for several full services)
Bike Yoke Topper Headset Top Cap
An extremely nice looking full aluminum headset topcap made in one piece. Laser engraved and then black anodized for a classy black in black matte/shiny finish. - Weight: Feathery 5g
Bike Yoke Aimy Steerer Clamp
A neat little gadget, that is particularly interesting for anyone who likes to wrench on their bike. Designed like an ordinary headset spacer, the Aimy slides onto the steerer tube and has a stainless steel bolt that clamps down so that the steerer tube cannot fall through your headset, once you take off your stem. - Machined from aluminum - Fits 1-1/8" steerer tube - Thickness: 8mm - Weight: 8g
Bike Yoke Bike Yoke I-Spec II Remote Adaptor
Who does not love a nicely cleaned up cockpit? This neatly CNC-machined piece of black anodized and laser engraved 6061-T6 Aluminum attaches all Triggys directly to a Shimano I-Spec II brake and saves an extra clamp on the handlebars. You can also use it to mate SRAM triggers with Shimano brakes. Our BikeYoke I-Spec II adapters are available as "left" or "right" for Shimano brake levers but you can also flip sides if you prefer a more inward or outward remote position: Compatible brakes: - Deore BL-M6000 - Deore BL-501 - SLX BL-M7000 - XT BL-M8000/8020 - XTR BL-M 9000/9020 Compatible remotes/shift levers: - BikeYoke Triggy serie - OneUp Remote V2 - Specialized Command Post SLR - Race Race Remote Turbine R - SRAM EX1 - SRAM NX EAGLE - SRAM GX / GX EAGLE / GX EAGLE AXS - SRAM X1 - SRAM X01 / X01 EAGLE / X01 EAGLE AXS - SRAM XX1 / XX1 EAGLE / X01 EAGLE AXS - Rock Shox Reverb AXS
Bike Yoke Divine Dropper O-Ring Kit
Includes all hydraulic seals to perform a complete cartridge rebuild of your BikeYoke dropper post. Compatible with: DIVINE
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