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Required Tools

Allen Keys (4mm, 5mm, 6mm)
 Torque Wrench & corresponding allen head sockets
 Bicycle Repair Stand
Shock Pump (for mountain bikes)

Assembly Steps


Carefully pry open the bike box - be careful if using a box cutter or tools not to puncture through cardboard and damage your bike inside. 


Lift your new bike out of the box, and clamp it into your bike repair stand. 


Gently remove all of the frame packaging materials - be careful if using a box cutter to not damage the bike or components. 


Remove the stem faceplate bolts and re-install the handlebar. 


Torque the stem face plate bolts to specified torque labeled on stem (5nm for carbon handlebars). 


Remove the front brake caliper spacer, and install the front wheel. 


Torque the front axle to specified torque labeled on axle.


IF YOU HAVE PURCHASED A MOUNTAIN BIKE - Visit the bike manufacturer's website for recommended suspension settings. 


Use a shock pump to inflate both the front fork and rear shock to recommended pressures.

Have Questions?

If at any point you have questions or require assistance either stop by your nearest Calgary Cycle location, or you can reach out to us by emailing: or by phoning our Bow Trail location: (403) 277-3430